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Get Spooky Eyes, Not Scary Eyes

Woman Wearing Costume Contact Lenses

When the days get shorter, evenings get cooler and they put pumpkin spice on everything, you know it is time to start thinking about your Halloween costume.  Whether you have a party to go to or just like dressing up to pass out candy, nothing completes your costume like a pair theatrical contact lenses.  Unfortunately costume contact lenses can come with serious health issues.  Keep your eyes spooky, but not scary this Halloween by following a few easy steps.

Know Your Source

Costume contacts come in all different varieties; zombie, vampire, cat, and more!  They look so tempting sitting next to the lotto tickets and energy drinks at the gas station, but where did those contacts come from?  Does it matter?  Should you worry about the questionable packaging?


Proper packaging, handling, and storage are all critical in making sure contact lenses stay safe to wear.

Don’t Share!

Usually borrowing a costume accessory is a great idea to complete your outfit, but not when it comes to contact lenses.  Halloween contact lenses have the same hygiene requirements as clear contact lenses.  A few simple reminders about contact lenses:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water (and dry them off) before insertion and removal
  • Store them in a clean case with fresh multipurpose solution (no water or saline)
  • Don’t sleep in them
  • Don’t share them

Get a Prescription

They are just a fun costume accessory, right?  You’re not using them to see better.  Wearing decorative contact lenses are just as risky as lenses that correct your vision.  All contact lenses, even just costume, are still a medical device.  Medical devices are regulated by the FDA and contact lenses require a prescription.  It is important to understand the serious health risks you may be taking while wearing contact lenses.  If not fit and used appropriately, they can cause infection, damage, and possibly vision loss.

I’m not trying to spook you, but I want you to wear costume contacts safely.  If you want to complete your Halloween costume this year, contact the office, make an appointment, and we can find the right fit!  Check out all the spooky options!

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