Safely View The Great American Solar Eclipse 2024

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April 19, 2021
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Safely View The Great American Solar Eclipse 2024

Solar Eclipse

Total Eclipse of the United States is Back

On April 8, 2024 a total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States again. The Detroit area will be in line for 99% coverage. Although, not quite total, this is still a rare, awe-inspiring event. An eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun line up in space. On Monday, April 8th, the Moon’s shadow will hide the sun, creating daytime darkness. From Texas to Maine, over 31 million people will be in the path of totality. Only in this area and during the brief time of the total phase of the solar eclipse can you view without special protection. The solar eclipse can still be viewed outside of the zone of totality, but must be done with safely.

Specialized eclipse viewing glasses.

Eclipse Viewing Glasses

How to View the Solar Eclipse Safely

Two women viewing the solar eclipse using specialized eclipse glasses.

Eclipse Viewing

In the Detroit area, with less that total coverage, we need to watch all phases of the solar eclipse with specialized eye protection. To safely watch the eclipse directly, you must use approved solar viewing glasses. These are different than regular sunglasses. Regular sunglasses, even polarized, do not provide appropriate protection. Another option is to make a pinhole projector for indirect viewing.

Don’t Miss Out; the Next Solar Eclipse to Be Seen From the USA is in 2044!

Whether you plan to watch the eclipse with direct viewing and solar glasses or an indirect pinhole projector, make sure you add this celestial event to your calendar. On Monday, April 8th, the partial eclipse will begin around 1:52pm. It will peak (99%) around 3:14pm, but don’t forget to protect your eyes! In the Canton area, you must protect your eyes during all phases of the eclipse. Visit Blink Eyecare to get a pair of eclipse glasses to safely view the eclipse.

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