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How Much Did You Spend On Sunglasses!?!?!?

Woman wearing cateye sunglasses.

Woman in Cateye Sunglasses

Sunglasses can cost $5 or $500, what’s the difference? Why spend more money? Just like any other purchase, there is a wide range in quality of materials. Ophthalmic sunglasses can hold prescription lenses and be adjusted to fit your face. Over the counter sunglasses vary in optical quality, sometimes enough to distort vision.

Sunglasses typically fall into two categories; Fashion or Function.

Sunglasses For Fashion

Lilly Pulitzer Emiko Sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses can be cheap or expensive, depending on the designer.  They stay on trend (blue, mirror coatings, and the double bar are popular right now).  Fashion sunglasses are usually only tinted.  Tints reduce the amount of light entering the eye, but they do not enhance your vision. Typically these have the widest range in price.

Sunglasses For Function

Functional sunglasses are usually polarized. They may be tinted to enhance a specific task. Let Blink Eyecare help you choose the right color lens to increase the contrast of the fairway to improve your golf game or to find the fish easier in the lake.

Polarized Sun Color Choices

Polarized sunglasses are considered the best for glare reduction. They cut glare in half off horizontal surfaces (think roads and water). When a backside anti-reflective coating is added, the glare reduction is even better.

We can combine fashion with function.  Polarized lenses are now available in more colors than just brown or grey.  Try a plum or emerald blue lens in solid or gradient.  Add a mirror coating to reflect more light (and look cool!).

The most important part of any sunglass is to protect your eyes from harmful UV light. Even cheap fashion sunglasses should protect your eyes. If you aren’t sure if your sunglasses are giving your eyes the UV protection they need, bring them to Blink Eyecare and we will check them.

Which kind of sunglasses do I wear, fashion or function? Both, of course.

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